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Take A Creative Immersion Vacation!

Playing Around Workshops are creative retreat vacations to engage your mind and recharge your spirit, set in inspiring locations around the world (and online, too!) If you’re looking to expand your creativity while you expand your cultural horizons, a Playing Around Workshop is just the ticket!

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Why do a Playing Around Workshop?

  • To give your inner-creative some nurturing and permission to create
  • To silence your inner-critic
  • To connect with other big-hearted creative people
  • To know that you are not alone in needing to exercise your creativity
  • To explore different parts of the world in a way that’s much richer and profound than just being a tourist
  • To learn more about yourself
  • To feel empowered
  • To have FUN!

Your Creative Guides - the Poobahs:

Kelly Hevel, creative coach, artist, creativity teacher Melissa Dinwiddie, creative coach, artist, creativity teacher
Kelly Hevel
(Poobah Kelly) and Melissa Dinwiddie (Poobah Melissa) bring over 30 years of combined experience as artists, teachers, and creative coaches to gently lead you on the adventure of a lifetime!